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Send off the colourful migratory birds with Squirrel Proof "Premier" Wild Bird Seed. Squirrel Proof contains Chili Treat food oil, delivering MORE energy and nutrition to benefit birds for their long journey south! 
Remember to provide lots of water for successfully attracting the most birds.

Squirrels stealing food from your birds?

Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Seed
Squirrel Proof
Bird Seed

Attracts birds, REPELS SQUIRRELS.

Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Seed Products are new, innovative and an effective way to control squirrels in and around your wild bird feeder. 

By using Mother Nature's approach to selective feeding, we have developed a novel and patented way to discourage squirrels from stealing bird seed from your backyard feeder. 

Squirrel Proof products are based on the simple knowledge and understanding that squirrels and other mammals taste the hot sensation of chili peppers, while birds do not. Using this knowledge and the hottest parts of capsaicin chili peppers, we have developed an extremely effective way to control and keep pesky squirrels and other small rodents out of your bird feeder. Our solution is natural and environmentally friendly.

This approach to controlling squirrels is so unique that it is patented and available exclusively in Canada through Squirrel Proof Inc. Others have suggested using pepper to control squirrels, but no other product achieves the high level of control achieved by Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Seed Products.

Squirrel Proof products utilize Mother Nature's way to control squirrels and contain only natural, food grade seeds and chili peppers.

Learn How Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Seed Works, How to "Treat Your Own" Seed to make it Squirrel Proof or Where you can buy Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Seed.

Birds love it - Squirrels Don't

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