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First Time Use

Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Seed products are the convenient, natural, and nutritional new way to control squirrels in and around your bird feeders. Our breakthrough PeneTreat process infuses our patented Chili Treat formula inside the seed's shell, making Squirrel Proof the only proven and truly effective pre-treated product to control squirrels. If you are using Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Seed for the first time, the following information will assist you. 


Bird watching can be one of the most enjoyable experiences in your outdoor living spaces, and there is a lot of information available to help you to attract wild birds to your back yard. Once your feeder is set up properly and filled with Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Seed, and you have set up a water supply nearby, it may take some time for birds to find your feeder. Once you have established your feeder area as a reliable source of food and water, the birds will return often. 

Expect a period of up to a month or more initially to establish regular bird visits.


If you have been using an existing bird food mix in your feeders, and are changing it to another mix such as Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Seed, it is normal to expect the following:
1) Squirrels must try Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Seed a few times before they become sensitized to the hot taste of the Chili Treat formula. There may be dozens of squirrels in your area, so it may take a few weeks for all your local squirrels to try it. Once they have become sensitized to the taste, just the smell of Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Seed will cause squirrels will look elsewhere for food.

Helpful Hint: Managing your overall garden space can be helped by providing an alternate food source for squirrels in a corner or an area of your yard away from your garden beds, bird feeders, etc.

2) Whenever you replace your existing bird food with any other new bird food mix (we call it "changing the menu"), it usually requires a period of 2 - 3 weeks for the birds in your area to become accustomed to the new taste you are offering them. This natural phenomenon occurs regardless of whether the mix contains Chili Treat or not. Expect with any seed mix change that you may initially see fewer birds in your feeder for a few weeks after "changing the menu", however, as the birds will begin to feed on the new seed mix you will progressively see more and more birds eating from your feeder. Be patient.


After Using Squirrel Proof for 3 to 4 weeks .. Expect longer bird visits! And expect to save money!

Beautiful birds and no squirrels - in about three weeks! Over time, you will notice that with Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Seed you will attract more and more birds. Not only do squirrels consume food intended for the birds, but their presence in the feeder scares away many birds, especially small song birds. The absence of squirrels will result in the birds staying longer during each visit to your feeder. Another important note: Because your feeder is no longer attracting squirrels, you should experience much less feeder damage from squirrels attempting to raid your bird seed.

Helpful Hint: During winter months, you may find squirrels more persistent, and if you find them beginning to raid your feeder again, we suggest adding Squirrel Proof Seed Saver - Squirrel Repellent as a supplement to Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Seed. This Seed Saver Chili Treat additive will help protect your feeder especially during severe winter conditions.

You will find that after the initial "trial" period, squirrels will simply smell the Chili Treat in Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Seed, and will not eat it. You should also find that you will have to replace food in your feeder less often as birds are your only dinner guests with Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Seed. Squirrels may have consumed up to 60% of the bird food you had previously put out! 

Helpful Hint: An 8 lb bag of Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Seed will be equivalent to as much as 20 lbs of regular bird seed! 

Squirrels have discouraged many people over the years from feeding wild birds, and Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Seed is a nutritional and natural way to enjoy bird feeding and bird watching while safely and effectively managing squirrels. After the initial 3 - 4 week period, you will find that all you need to do to maintain a successful bird watching environment is an adequate supply of fresh water in a nearby bird bath, pond or container of some sort, and Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Seed in your bird feeder. And don't forget a chair or two for you and your family to relax and enjoy your feathered friends! 

Expect Squirrel Proof products to help you and your family enjoy bird watching and feeding for many years to come.


Birds love the taste of Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Seed, and it's not just Cornell University scientific results that prove it. Two to three months after switching to Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Seed, homeowners, gardeners and bird watchers alike are thrilled with the product. Your comments are always welcome, and we look forward to hearing from you about your experiences. As a new Canadian company launching an exciting new technology, our goal is to bring you products which you feel are best suited for you and your outdoor living space. Many of our upcoming premium Wild Bird Seed mixes and products such as suet cakes and bird bells, are a direct result of comments and requests from people like yourself.

A little patience in the beginning will reward you for years to come!

If you have any questions about effectively using squirrel Proof products please e-mail your questions and comments to: info@squirrelproof.ca

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