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Does It Harm Squirrels?

One of the most frequently asked questions is "Does Squirrel Proof harm squirrels?".  The answer is NO.

Squirrel Proof does not harm or hurt the squirrel in any way.  Squirrel Proof products work by making wild bird seed hot and therefore undesirable for squirrels and other mammals, such as humans.  The impact on squirrels is similar to the sensation a person feels if they eat hot, spicy peppers.  They don't enjoy it, so they stop.

Unlike other squirrel control contraptions and substances, Squirrel Proof products contain only natural ingredients such as pepper and Squirrel Proof ONLY uses chili pepper in an oil-based patented formula.  Pepper does not cause long-term harm through eating it or even getting it in the eyes.  There is some short-term discomfort, but it rapidly goes away and causes no harm to the squirrel.

Squirrel Proof products work through Aversive Taste Conditioning without harming squirrels.  Very quickly, squirrels learn to associate the taste and smell of the pepper with the unpleasant taste and begin to avoid it and your bird feeder.

We do recommend that when you are using Squirrel Proof products in your bird feeder that you may want to consider putting out an alternative food source, such as dried corn cobs, for the squirrels.  The squirrel food should be place away from the feeder and in an area which does not disrupt your backyard enjoyment.

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